Business Studies School Trips

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Give students the chance to apply the theories they learn in the classroom to a real-world business setting. Book a business studies school trip today!

Why book a business studies school trip?

Business studies school trips will help your class see the economy and business in a whole new light. Classroom learning helps to lay the foundation of your students’ business knowledge, but seeing how this works in practice is what will give them the skills to exceed in this field.

This is why we provide immersive business studies school trips to an array of invigorating destinations across the world. You can book a school trip to Tokyo to show your class how some of the world’s biggest car manufacturers work. Alternatively, take a trip to Lisbon to educate your class on the history of money. There are a wealth of learning opportunities you can take advantage of when you book a school trip with us!

Business studies school trips to inspiring overseas locations

We provide business studies school trips to a range of locations across the world, all with their own unique business landscape and opportunities to learn. These include:


Show your class the inner workings of Barcelona’s stock exchange, the Danone Factor and the Port of Barcelona during a business studies trip to Barcelona.


Book a business studies school trip to Lisbon to explore the city’s financial district, as well as its many museums relating to money and business. This includes the Money Museum, the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology and Euronext.


Brussels is a must-visit location for business and economics students. Why? Because the city is home to the headquarters of both the European Union and NATO. Students will be able to explore these institutions, as well as learning about business in Belgium.


Business studies school trips to London are essential for those teaching their class about the business landscape of the United Kingdom. Students can visit some of London’s most famous business districts, including the City of London and Canary Wharf.

New York

Book a business studies trip to New York to show students the importance of Wall Street in the global economy. Your class can explore the stock exchange, as well as other iconic locations such as Times Square and Central Park.


Tokyo is a popular destination for business studies school trips because some of the world’s biggest companies are based there. Students can visit world-famous attractions like the Honda Welcome Plaza and the Toyota Mega Car Theme Park to get a feel for how these major global conglomerates work.


The city of love, as well as the heart of business and economic activity in France, is a popular destination for business studies school trips. Students can delve deeper into the world of fashion in Paris, in addition to learning about the business side of this iconic industry. They can also visit exciting attractions such as the Louvre Museum and Notre Dame Cathedral.


Prague is a picturesque city that is home to a thriving business scene. Students can explore the Czech Republic’s capital and learn about business in the post-communist era.

Why work with Diversity Study Trips?

We’re the experts when it comes to planning educational trips. No matter which school trip you choose, we keep education as the number one focus, planning enthralling activities that will help your class boost their subject knowledge.

With our business studies school trips, our team will plan a selection of tours, workshops and interactive learning activities linked to key business topics on the curriculum. This means that your primary and secondary school students will return with a wealth of new knowledge and ideas they can apply in the classroom.

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