Milan School Trips

There is much to see and do in Milan, making it an ideal destination for a school trip. Secondary school students can fully immerse in the city’s rich history and culture while also exploring plenty of activities, attractions and breathtaking coastal views. 

School trips to Milan are ever-popular with secondary students in the UK. The warm and friendly atmosphere makes school students feel right at home and ready to find excitement and educational possibilities each day. 

With so many fantastic learning opportunities, it’s no wonder that Milan is regarded as such an iconic school trip destination. But if you’re not yet convinced, here are some more reasons why students benefit greatly from a school trip to Milan.


Engage school students with Milan’s rich history 

Milan is one of the most historic and scenic parts of Italy. It’s home to many iconic landmarks, including the Gothic cathedral known as the Duomo. Secondary school history students can wander around the majestic grounds absorbing history whilst discussing exciting tales from long ago. 


Full of fun learning opportunities

The thrilling region of Milan has SO much to offer school students both personally and educationally. They can develop and build on valuable life skills such as team-building and problem-solving whilst learning more about their core subjects along the way.

Milan offers the perfect landscape for school students to admire its beauty and craftsmanship from both the inside and out, not forgetting to take a selfie or two with friends. It’s also a great location to get involved in scavenger hunts and spotting iconic landmarks.


A practical side to learning

Another popular attraction in Milan is the Castello Sforzesco. This imposing castle was once home to the Dukes of Milan and today houses a number of museums and art galleries. Students can see the amazing exhibits whilst investigating the castle’s ancient grounds. These fun and engaging trips encourage learning in a fun and practical way; students can discover more about its history while also marvelling at the astonishing architecture.


Sunny strolls & boat trip rides

There are also plenty of other interesting places to visit during your school trip to Milan, such as the Navigli district. This vibrant area is home to a number of canals and waterways and is a great place to explore with a gelato on a sunny day. Students can enjoy a meal or drink in one of the many restaurants and cafes lining the canals or take an exciting boat trip on the water.


Calling all fashion enthusiasts

Milan is also a great city for appreciating the fashion industry and partaking in a little shopping. The Via Dante and the Corso Buenos Aires are two of the main shopping streets in the city and are packed with stores of all kinds. Secondary school students can find everything from high-end fashion brands to locally-made souvenirs; it’s the ideal place for pupils to pick up an item or two to take back home. 

The Via Della Spiga is another popular shopping area in the city and is home to some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. This trendy destination is the ideal location for students interested in design and textiles. Pupils can browse the latest collections, learning from one of the biggest fashion capitals on the planet.


Brush up new language skills

Booking a school trip to Milan is a great way to engage Modern Foreign Language students outside of the classroom. Local markets are also a great way to experience a local’s way of life. This allows your students to brush up their skills and try speaking the native language. Perhaps challenge pupils to order ice cream or delicious pastry in Italian… fun and delicious challenge all at once.


Enjoy delicious food from around the world

In addition to its famous landmarks and shopping districts, Milan is also home to some excellent restaurants. Enjoy local and fresh cuisine along with classic home comforts. Milan is big on food and socialising, so naturally, it has a bountiful offering of restaurants, cafes, clubs and bakeries. School students can sample the infinite delight of culinary favourites Milan has to offer, along with international favourites from around the world.


What are you waiting for? Milan is ready to welcome you!

There are so many more reasons to book a school trip to Milan. With our expertise, we can help arrange your school trip and make sure you experience the true wonders of what this stunning region has to offer, both educationally and personally. Get in touch to book your jam-packed trip to Milan today.

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