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Primary and secondary school economics trips to help your students excel both inside and out of the classroom

School economics trips aren’t just about giving lectures and visiting tourist hotspots. They are about getting to know a destination, seeing how different economies work in real life and using this knowledge to develop new skills. There is no better way for your class to learn than by getting out into the real world and applying their theories and knowledge.

When you book an economics school trip with us, students will learn about:

Students will also have the opportunity to get out and see the sights, learn about other cultures and make friends from all over the world.

Book a school economics trip abroad to expose your class to truly unique learning experiences

You expose your pupils to a sea of learning opportunities when you voyage outside of the classroom, even more so when you venture to another country. This is one of the many reasons why we provide immersive school economics trips in every corner of the globe. Our school economics trips are designed to give students a well-rounded view of the world’s economy and with our experienced school trip planners by your side, you can be sure that they will get the most out of their compelling visit.


Barcelona is famed for its wonderful architecture and stunning beaches, but you’ll also find a selection of economical institutions to visit with your class. Students will learn about the Catalan economy and how it differs from the rest of Spain, whilst also getting an introduction to EU politics and the Euro at Barcelona’s Stock Exchange.


Brussels is a modern city with a fascinating history. Students will learn all about the Belgian economy, how the EU functions and some of its key figures at the European Commission and Parliament buildings. The city is also home to some iconic tourist spots, including the Atomium and Grand Place.


Educate your class on the world of business and economics against the stunning backdrop of Lisbon‘s colourful cityscape. There are countless learning experiences for economics students to take advantage of in this city, including:


As one of the world’s most influential economic hubs, London is unsurprisingly a popular choice for school economics trips. Students can immerse themselves in institutions such as the Bank of England and the Financial District. With the assistance of our experienced trip planners, your class will gain in-depth knowledge about the British economy and business culture.


Tokyo is a city where the ancient and modern collide, making it an ideal destination for school economics trips. Students will learn about traditional Japanese culture and business practices, as well as the country’s impressive recent developments in technology. Major tourist spots such as Tokyo Tower and Sensoji Temple are also sure to captivate your students.

New York

Economics trips to New York offer an invaluable learning experience for pupils. Your class will gain an understanding of the inner workings of Wall Street and America’s financial system, as well as witnessing first-hand how some of the world’s biggest businesses operate.

You can also visit awe-inspiring destinations like Times Square to show your class the world of capitalism in its modern form.


Paris is a city that oozes culture and sophistication. It’s the ideal destination to visit for students learning about its impact on the global fashion industry. Students will learn about global French fashion brands such as Chanel and LVMH, as well as visiting key institutions such as the Louvre. There are also plenty of opportunities to enjoy the city’s renowned tourist attractions, including the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral.


Book an economics trip to Prague to introduce your students to the Czech Republic’s fascinating economic history. The city is home to a number of iconic landmarks, including the Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, as well as some lesser-known gems such as the Estates Theatre. Students will also learn about the transition from communism to capitalism in the country.

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