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Show your class how the economy works in the real world by booking an exhilarating A level economics trip!

Our A level economics trips are crammed full of fascinating cultural visits and thought-provoking activities, so you can be sure that your class will get the most out of their trip and any learning opportunities. In addition to seeing how business and global economies work, they’ll also have the chance to develop invaluable skills such as teamwork, communication and critical thinking.

You and your students will be able to learn how the economy works first-hand by visiting world-famous landmarks and institutions related to the economics industry. From the Bank of England in London to the Lisbon Stock Exchange, there’s a wealth of destinations to choose from when booking a study trip with us!

A level economics trips in vibrant faraway locations

The UK boasts plenty of educational destinations suitable for A level economics students, but by embarking on an educational A level trip abroad, you’ll expose your class to fresh and engaging learning experiences. Our economics trips take place in some of the most fascinating and vibrant cities on the planet, like Barcelona, Paris and New York.

Wherever you choose to go, your class will gain a unique insight into how economics plays a role in different parts of the world.


Barcelona is a city with a strong focus on entrepreneurship – perfect for A level economics students keen to learn more about starting and running a business. Take a trip to the Port of Barcelona, the Torres Winery and Camp Nou to show your class how local businesses operate and how this impacts the wider economy.


As the home of the European Union, Brussels is a must-visit location for A level economics students. Embark on a tour of the city and visit iconic locations like the European Parliament and The Grand-Place, to learn about how Brussels functions as an economic hub.


Book an enthralling economics trip to Lisbon to show your class how this historic city is adapting to the latest developments in the global economy. Take a tour of the Lisbon Stock Exchange, visit local businesses and learn about Portugal’s place in the world economy.


London’s economic impact knows no bounds, as the city is home to the headquarters of some of the world’s biggest banks and businesses. A visit to the Bank of England and the Financial District will give your class an in-depth understanding of how London has become one of the world’s most important economic powerhouses.


Take a trip to Tokyo to help your pupils understand just how important the city is for the global economy. Here, you’ll find mind-blowing attractions such as the Toyota Mega Car Theme Park, the National Museum of Emerging Science and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. All of which will give your students an exclusive insight into how economics works in this thrilling country.

New York

Home to one of the world’s most notable financial districts, New York is a must-visit destination for A level economics students. Take a tour of the infamous Wall Street and the busy Stock Exchange. Whilst you’re there you can also visit iconic businesses like Walmart and Coca Cola, to educate your class on the economic giant that is the U.S.A.


Paris is an electrifying hub of European fashion, art and culture, making it the perfect destination for A level economics students to visit. Parisian fashion brands set global trends and attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

You can also visit iconic locations like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre Museum to discover how these major tourist hotspots have shaped and advanced the French economy.


Prague is a city steeped in history, giving you the chance to educate your class on how Prague’s economy has evolved over time. Tour locations like the Prague Castle and the Old Town Square will give your class a flavour of how the Czech Republic has adapted to changing economic conditions during key periods in history, such as the World Wars and financial crashes.

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Providing a great education involves a whole lot more than classroom learning and we’re here to help you make each learning experience more enriching than the last. Our A level economics trips are tailored to meet the educational and developmental needs of sixth form and college students.

Wherever you choose to go, our team of experienced tour leaders will make sure that your class has a valuable and unforgettable learning experience.

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