How to complete risk assessments for school trips

September 27, 2021 - Diversity Study Trips
School Trips

Completing a risk assessment for your school trip ensures that all parties involved are safe and protected from any potential hazards. There are several key components that go into a successful assessment, however, if you're new to the process it can be difficult to know where to start. The law states that school trip risk assessments must be completed before embarking on yo...


A guide to COVID-19 school trip insurance policies

September 16, 2021 - Diversity Study Trips
School Trips

Study trips provide enriching learning experiences for both students and educators. As international travel is now resuming, it's a great time to start planning the ultimate trip for your students. Travel insurance is essential for an educational trip, regardless of whether you're travelling abroad or staying within the UK. COVID-19 has emphasised the importance of school trip insurance, as ...


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