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Take your History students on a field trip to Berlin. Dive into Berlin's past with an itinerary focusing on the reign of the Nazi party and the Holocaust.


  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Jewish Memorial
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • House of Wannsee Conference
  • Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Your travel itinerary could look like...

Day 1

AM - Flight to Berlin

Arrive at the airport in plenty of time for your flight to Berlin

PM - Brandenburg Gate & Holocaust Memorial

Once you have arrived in Berlin and dropped off your bags at you accommodation, head out to the Brandenburg Gate, an emblem of unity and peace in the middle of Berlin. From there carry on to a profoundly important destination, the Holocaust Memorial. Wander through this hauntingly beautiful labyrinth of concrete slabs, each one representing the lives lost during one of humanity's darkest moments. Allow yourself to feel the weight of history as you walk around this poignant display of reflection on the collective responsibility to remember and honour the past.

In the evening get together at Der Alte Fritz for dinner, before allowing some free time to explore the local area.

Day 2

AM - Walking tour

After breakfast at your accommodation, meet up with your tour guide for a walking tour of the Potsdamer Platz. A once military transport centre, it is now rebuilding itself to be one of the main commercial hubs of the city. From here your tour guide will take you back to the Holocaust Memorial where you can learn more about one of the darkest moments in human history. Conclude your morning exploration in Berlin with a visit to the Topography of Terror, where the chilling exhibits unravel the layers of Nazi history, providing a sobering yet essential understanding of the city's past.

PM - Jewish Museum & Checkpoint Charlie

After a thought-provoking morning at the Topography of Terror, delve further into the city's narrative at the Jewish Museum. Traverse the architectural marvel that mirrors the complex history of Jewish life in Germany, immersing yourself in exhibits that seamlessly blend art, history, and personal stories. Following this, venture to the iconic Checkpoint Charlie, a Cold War symbol and historical border crossing. Uncover gripping tales of espionage and daring escapes, standing at the intersection of geopolitical tension that gripped the area after the Second World War.

In the evening come together for a meal at the Hard Rock Café in Berlin before retiring to you accommodation ahead of your final full day in the city.

Day 3

AM - House of Wannsee Conference

In the morning board a coach that will take you to the outskirts of the city, and to the unassuming villa, Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz. Inside the walls of this villa, the fate of millions of lives were sealed in a conference that outlined the 'Final Solution'. Traverse the rooms where history unfolded and take a moment to reflect.

PM - Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

After your visit to the House of Wannsee Conference, re-board the bus and take the hour long journey to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. Located just outside Berlin, this haunting site served as a model for other Nazi concentration camps and witnessed unspeakable atrocities. As you step through the gates, the palpable sense of solemnity surrounds you. Guided by the echoes of the past, explore the barracks, memorial sites, and remnants of a bygone era. Sachsenhausen stands as a stark reminder of the resilience of the human spirit amid unimaginable adversity.

Once you have completed you tour around Sachsenhausen stop off for dinner at Remus, nearby, before heading back to Berlin.

Day 4

AM -Return to the airport

Transfer back to Berlin airport in plenty of time to catch your flight back to the UK.

Whats included

  • Flights
  • Hotel accommodation, shared for students
  • Activities and entrance fees as per itinerary

Why not add

  • Olympic Stadium
  • TV Tower
  • Anne Frank Centrum
  • Otto Weidt Museum
  • River Cruise

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