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Why book an educational trip to Portugal?

There are plenty of learning opportunities to take advantage of on an educational trip to Portugal.

You can visit popular landmarks such as:

Estádio Sport Lisboa e Benfica

Museu da Saúde

The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology

The Oceanarium

Whether you’re visiting this vibrant country with school, college or university students, you’ll easily find a picturesque tourist hotspot to educate your class on their chosen subject area.

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Inspiring curriculum-linked educational trips to Portugal

We can design bespoke educational trips to Portugal in conjunction with UK curriculum requirements and your educational goals. Our team will plan an array of trip activities that are directly linked to your university course or school subject. This ensures you extract the maximum educational value from your visit.

Here are some of the educational visits we provide:

Business and economics

There’s no doubt that an educational trip to Portugal can inspire students to aim high in their future business endeavours.

We organise educational visits to locations like Estádio Sport Lisboa e Benfica, the Money Museum and Euronext (Banco Espirito Santo) to offer an insight into global finance and economics.

Learn more here.


We understand how important it is for students to grasp STEM concepts both inside and outside of the classroom. Fortunately, there are a wealth of educational facilities in Portugal that will help you to boost students STEM knowledge and give them the best chance of success in their studies. This includes:

  • Museu de Farmacia

  • The Museum of Natural History and Science

  • The Science & Tech Museum

Learn more here.

General culture

If you’re looking to immerse your students in alternative cultures and ways of living, our general cultural trips to Portugal are the perfect option for you. We’ll take you on a whirlwind tour of the country’s top sights, including everything from Lisbon’s vivacious city centre to the National Tile Museum!

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Why choose Diversity Study Trips?

Our educational trips to Portugal offer a range of learning opportunities that go beyond the information students can learn in textbooks. As well as cementing their classroom learning, your pupils will improve their interpersonal skills, become more independent and expand their worldview during their visit.

All of our itineraries are also hand-crafted by our travel experts and include everything you need for a safe and successful visit.

Start planning your educational trip to Portugal

Our friendly team is always on hand to discuss your trip requirements. Contact us today to start planning the ultimate educational trip to Portugal!

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