Sixth Form and A Level Trips

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Activity-packed sixth form and A-level trips covering an array of curriculum subjects

Sixth form trips give students the chance to exercise their independence, whilst improving their understanding of important A-level subjects. As students prepare for the working world and learn about more complex topics, booking a sixth-form trip can help your class strengthen their soft skills, in addition to giving them the knowledge to succeed in their exams.

We provide an array of sixth form and A-level trips to enchanting destinations across the globe. All of our study trips are linked to specific subjects and our itineraries include immersive activities designed to expand your sixth-formers’ subject-knowledge knowledge.

Whether you’re planning an A-level trip to London or Japan, our team has the skills to plan an exhilarating excursion that meets your educational needs.

Why book a sixth form trip?

Sixth form is a transformative time for students. Students will spend this time completing crucial exams, exploring university options and strengthening their bonds with their peers. Booking a sixth-form trip is one of the many ways to prepare your class for university, employment and life outside of the classroom.

Our sixth form trip itineraries are crammed full of educational activities to help your class gain a better understanding of complex subject matters. For example, we can organise a sixth form trip to Rome so your art and design students can marvel at the world-famous architecture. Alternatively, we can plan A-level trips to Iceland for your geography class. Here, your students will get the opportunity to explore active volcanoes, breathtaking glaciers and electrifying waterfalls in an interactive way.

The benefits don’t stop there. Your students will get the chance to improve soft skills like:

All of these factors will put your class in the best position to face any topic that comes their way.

Bespoke, curriculum-linked sixth form trips

All of our sixth form trips are linked to specific subjects on the sixth form and A-level curriculum, with a wide range of A-level trips and tours including A-level physics trips & A-level history trips. We also provide trips for the following subjects:

We craft bespoke itineraries based on your individual needs. Whether you’re teaching first or final-year A-level students, you’ll always get a sixth form trip tailored to your class’s learning requirements. These are filled with educational tours, interactive workshops, theatre shows, museum visits, city tours and many more exciting activities.

You’ll find our sixth form trips are the perfect way to add a bit of extra-curricular excitement to your class’s educational experience. Our trips will help students understand their subjects better, while also having fun in a new environment.

Sixth form and A-level trips to countless captivating destinations

Treat your class to a once in a lifetime travel experience by booking one of our sixth form A-level history trips or any of our A-level college trips. Explore vibrant European cities such as Rome, Krakow, London and Edinburgh. Despite only being a short flight away, you can expose your students to contrasting cultures, traditions and lifestyles in these exciting destinations.

Or travel further afield to cities such as Tokyo to show your class what life in the Far East is like. We can plan visits to this buzzing capital to show your sixth formers what Japanese culture is like, whilst educating them on one of the largest economies in the east.

If you’re looking for A level trips that are closer to home, then why not explore our extensive range of UK sixth form trips? We offer trips to most of the UK’s major cities and landmarks, including London, Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh. This gives you the chance to show students enthralling sights such as Buckingham Palace, the Royal Mile, the Beatles Story and the Museum of Science and Industry.

Why book a sixth form trip with us?

We want sixth formers to have a positive educational experience that will benefit their studies. To help you do this, we go above and beyond to offer the best sixth form trips in the UK by:

If you’re still not sure which sixth form trip is right for your students, please get in touch today. Our dedicated team will be more than happy to help with any questions you might have.

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