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University trips covering a wide selection of course subjects

Our university trips are designed with education in mind. We provide a huge array of university field trips that are linked to courses such as economics, music, history and politics and more.

We can organise memorable university trips to almost every corner of the globe. Whether you want to educate students on Roman History in Italy or experience Japan’s hustle culture first-hand in Tokyo, we’ve got you covered.

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The benefits of university trips for students

University trips provide a wealth of benefits for first-year, second-year and final-year students. It’ll deepen their knowledge of even the most complex course material and allows students to get up close and personal with the cultural artefacts and landmarks they’re learning about.

Our university trips are put together by experienced travel guides who have decades worth of expertise. This means that you’ll be able to take advantage of their in-depth travel knowledge, unique learning activities and attentive customer service before, during and after your trip.

What's more, Diversity Study Trips are the #1 supplier for Lots 1 & 3 on the SUPC Travel Framework, so it's quick and easy to procure our services, should you wish to contract.

University Trips

We provide subject-linked international university trips

Taking a trip outside of the UK opens up a world of learning opportunities for university students.

European university trips provide students with the chance to visit incredible sights such as the Vatican, the Berlin Wall and Auschwitz-Birkenau. This will provide in-depth information on major religious events like the Holocaust and the emergence of the Roman Catholic Church, whilst educating your class on the impact of World War II.

We also provide university trips to the U.S. and Japan to peak your business and economics students’ interest. Our team will organise trips to the Tokyo Business District, Wall Street and more to showcase these significant global economies. Regardless of the subject you teach, we’ve got a trip to suit your needs.

Plan an exciting UK university field trip

The UK has an array of cultural landmarks, historical sites and captivating excursions just waiting to be explored.

We can organise university field trips to the UK’s major cities to educate students on topics such as the slave trade, engineering, Christianity, British art and more. You’ll be able to take advantage of sights such as St Pauls Cathedral, The Whitworth and Anfield Stadium.

Our UK university trips are great for both students who live locally as well as those travelling from other universities. The diversity of our UK destinations ensures that there is something for everyone! These include:

Why book with Diversity Study Trips?

Our university trips come complete with all necessary transport, accommodation and learning activities pre-booked, saving you time and effort. All of our itineraries also include subject-related activities that will enhance student learning whilst on their university trip. This helps to maximise the educational value of all of our visits.

There’s truly no better choice for your next learning adventure than Diversity Study Trips, the #1 ranked SUPC Lot 1&3 supplier. Get in touch today to start the planning process.