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Why book an educational trip to Iceland

The diverse geographical landscape of the country makes it the perfect setting for a geography trip. Iceland also has a selection of picturesque architecture, art museums and music venues for you to explore with your art and music students.

When you book an educational trip to Iceland, you’ll expose your students to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, like seeing the Northern Lights and visiting real-life volcanoes. These provide invaluable learning opportunities for students of all ages.

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Epic view of Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland

Choose one of our curriculum-linked educational trips to Iceland

We offer educational trips to Iceland for a number of subjects, including geography, art and music. You’ll receive a full curriculum-linked itinerary to support your class’s studies and these will include an array of unique learning activities and excursions.

Our educational trips to Iceland cover the following subject areas…


Iceland is the ideal destination to visit with geography students due to its stunning, varied geographic landscape. Iceland is the land of fire and ice due to its placement between two tectonic plates. These plates are slowly drifting apart and the movement has created numerous volcanic eruptions throughout Iceland’s history, giving rise to many breathtaking geographical landmarks.

Book a geography trip to Iceland to visit volcanoes, glaciers, geysers and attractions like the Blue Lagoon with students.

Music, art and design

Our music, art and design trips to Iceland are filled with immersive activities like visits to Iceland’s National Gallery, the Reykjavik Art Museum and the Gullfoss Waterfall.

You can use Iceland’s picturesque natural landscape to incite a creative spark in your students, or you can visit one of the country’s celebrated galleries to educate your class on Icelandic art history. We can also include a show at the Harpa Concert Hall in your travel itinerary to showcase world-class musical talent to your music students.


An educational trip to Iceland presents opportunities for students to learn about biology, ecology, chemistry, earth sciences and many other STEM subjects.

We plan bespoke STEM trips to Iceland to deepen your students’ understanding of the way that science, technology, engineering and maths work in the real world. To do this, our team can organise educational trips to Iceland which includes:

  • The Sudurnes Science and Learning Center

  • The Golden Circle

  • The Thingvellir National Park

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Why book with Diversity Study Trips

We’re here to make sure you provide the ultimate learning experience for your students, whether you’re planning an educational trip to Iceland or another exciting destination!

Our team has planned successful visits for school, college, sixth form and university students, so we have all the tools in place to plan a trip that meets your group’s educational requirements. When you choose Diversity Study Trips, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Bespoke educational trips to Iceland

  • Expert trip planning and support throughout your trip

  • Our team’s extensive educational travel experience

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