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Residential Trips

Immersive residential trips to incite your student's love for learning

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We provide educational residential trips to almost every corner of the globe. Our residential trips allow your class to explore new cities, learn about their subject area in detail and experience alternative cultures and lifestyles. It’s these exciting experiences that will give your students the skills to excel in their studies, as well as in their personal and professional lives.

Our team have organised successful residential trips for schools, colleges, university groups and more. Every trip we plan is linked to a specific subject, like art or history, ensuring the visit is as educational as possible.

We’ll provide all the necessary support and work directly alongside staff at your school, college or university to plan a residential trip that suits your exact learning requirements.

Residential Trips

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Why book a residential trip for your class?

So, what are the benefits of residential trips for students? Some of them include that:

  • Students will strengthen their soft skills, including team building and interpersonal skills

  • Students will have opportunities to engage in independent learning

  • They’ll experience another culture first-hand

  • It’s an excellent opportunity for students to bond with their peers outside of the classroom

When you book with Diversity Study Trips, you can also rest assured that education will be the main focus of your residential trip.

Educational, curriculum-linked residential trips

Our team will handcraft an itinerary based on the subject you teach. We can plan history trips to London, business and economics trips to Tokyo, art and design trips to Rome and visits to many more thrilling destinations around the world.

We’ll plan captivating tours designed to improve your students’ understanding of key themes on the curriculum. For example, our residential trips to Krakow are ideal for KS3 students learning about WWII. This trip will help students to better understand the Holocaust, as well as become aware of contemporary challenges faced by refugees and displaced people today.

Alternatively, you could book a residential trip to Florence to show your art and design students the work’s of world-famous Rennaissance artists like Brunelleschi and Michelangelo.

As these are residential trips, your group will stay at one of our trusted accommodation providers for the duration of your trip. We’ll provide the most suitable option for your group’s needs and these are vetted beforehand for quality control.

Residential trips for schools, sixth forms, colleges and universities

Our team can plan an exhilarating residential trip for all age groups. We’ve helped plan exciting international trips for KS2-KS5 students, as well as planning residential trips for university groups.

Residential trips for schools

Our residential trips for schools are perfect for primary and secondary school students. We plan bespoke school trips to France, Italy, Germany and beyond to help you improve your class’s understanding of an array of subjects.

You can book a language trip to Paris to put your student’s French skills into practice. Alternatively, you could book a school trip to New York to show your music and art students what life on Broadway is like!

Residential trips for high schools, sixth forms and colleges

We also plan immersive residential trips for students studying A-levels in high schools, sixth form colleges and further education institutions.

Our team can craft an itinerary that helps your class complex curriculum topics in detail. We can plan a residential trip to Berlin to help you educate your students on the Cold War, or you could travel further afield to Tokyo to explore Japanese culture and history with your class.

University residential trips

We offer countless residential trips that are suitable for university students in first, second or final year. There’s no topic or university course to complex for our team to handle. Whether you’re teaching neuroscience or economics, our educational travel expert will work closely with you to ensure your itinerary meets your exact learning requirements.

Why book with Diversity Study Trips?

Now is the time to book your next educational adventure. We offer our residential trips for sixth forms and colleges, as well as schools, so you’ll easily find an option to suit your needs with Diversity Study Trips. Our range of destinations accommodates all budgets, with flight options included in the price. You can also take advantage of our:

  • Flexibility promise, this allows you to change your trip dates if need be

  • Custom-built trip itineraries

  • Excellent customer service before, during and after your trip

  • Get in touch to start planning your next residential trip!