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Japan is home to some of the world’s most beautiful scenery and landscapes, from the grand Mount Fuji to the astonishing architecture of Buddhist temples. This country offers some of the best student trips, with the chance to gain insight into subjects such as business & economics, geography & tourism, art & design, and science. 

With these subjects in mind, we can provide your students with an unforgettable trip to Japan. We have gathered together some fantastic locations to visit on a school trip to Japan:

Mount Fuji

Visit this remarkable natural creation and see the famous snow-covered peak in the flesh. Your students will be amazed by its beauty, and on a trip with us, they will be able to recreate their own version using watercolours while catching a bullet train to Hakone. Mount Fuji and its stunning backdrop will provide a wonderful setting for your art students’ landscape paintings. 

Natural Museum of Nature and Science

As one of Japan’s largest museums, the Natural Museum of Nature has over 25,000 exhibits relating to dinosaurs, space and Japanese ecosystems. Your students can also get hands-on with some experiments and immerse themselves in the museum’s 360-degree theatre.  

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Treat your business & economics students by taking them to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the third largest in the world by aggregate market capitalization. On our trips here, your students get the chance to challenge themselves in a number-crunching interactive stock-trading game. 

Who will come out on top? The tour we provide you and your students with includes insightful lectures for your students to develop their understanding and knowledge of the stock market. 

Suginami Animation Museum

Here’s another for your art & design students. Located amongst the anime community of Suginami, this museum is the home of Japanese anime. Allow your students to discover how anime was born and its origins. 

With so many interactive elements in this museum, your students will be entertained for hours. The museum has facilities such as a DIY animation studio and a sound booth where students can voice their favourite anime characters.

Tamarokuto Science Centre

Feast your eyes on 140,000,000 stars as your students enter the dome screen ‘science egg’, where a projector reproduces the night sky. The centre also has five exhibition rooms; Meet the Science, Body & Senses, System & Mechanism, Life & Environment, and Geoscience. This is a memorable experience for any science student.

Nikko National Park

This is another of mother nature’s unique creations with plenty of lakes, hot springs, mountains and waterfalls. Take some time away from the busy city of Tokyo and take in the breathtaking views of this World Heritage Site.

House of Councillors

The House of Councillors is where legislation, budgets, and treaties are approved and where government operations are overseen. 

Your students can take a guided tour to learn more about law and legislation. This is the perfect trip for a business & economics student to learn more about how decisions made here can impact the economy of Japan.

Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome

Step inside a dome tropical jungle to discover the relationship between plants and our lives. There are three domes to explore; A Dome (rainforest), B Dome (Tropical Village), and C Dome (Vegetation of the Ogasawara Islands). 

A room that will interest your students is the carnivorous plant room, which contains plants that consume animals to gain their energy. 

There we have it. Some phenomenal locations to ensure you and your students have one of the best student trips possible! Our school trips to Japan are jam-packed with activities and places to visit, so your students will never be bored.

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