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Day 1 –

2nd December – My birthday!!! - We arrived in the city at around noon and we checked into our hotel and hopped on one of the mopeds you were able to hire for 10 cents a minute, they provide you with helmets and they go up to 45km/ph! We wandered around the local markets and just strolled around the canals before going back to our hotel to get ready for an evening meal, my partner took me to Rons Gastrobar which has a Michelin star and I have never tasted food like that in my life!! It was amazing.

Kadie walking down an Amsterdam street at night

Day 2 –

We got up and wandered into the center for our first full day in the city, we visited the Nemo Science Museum which was amazing and very informative, there is a lot to see and do for every age range! We managed to spend a good few hours there and as it is all inside so good for a rainy day or to keep a group busy!! After the science museum, we went for a walk around the red light district it was very interesting to see and it offers an educational experience for groups exploring urban life and societal dynamics. It provides an opportunity to discuss cultural attitudes, the historical context, and legal frameworks in different regions. I would approach the visit with sensitivity. In the evening, we went for some sourdough pizza at a local place and then headed towards the canals for a festival of light canal cruises which was amazing! It was great.

Moco Museum in Amsterdam

Day 3 –

We got up early and went to the Moco Museum, it is full of artists, some of the artists include Banksy, Kaws and Keith Haring ( My favorite), it was amazing with a lot to see and we spent a couple of hours there, it is also reasonably priced for the amount of time you spent there. After that we went to Tony Chocolatoney, you can create your chocolate bar with many different fillings but beware this can take 1-2 hours to do, but you can come back and collect it later on. If you don’t fancy waiting, they have an array of flavors there to choose from. After going to Tony’s, we made our way over to Body Worlds which was weird but wonderful, there were a lot of interesting things to take in and learn about whilst you were there and again you could spend hours there. In the evening we went for a lovely dinner at a local Indian restaurant.

Tony's Chocolonely Superstore in Amsterdam

Day 4 –

We got up early to go to the Van Gogh Museum, it was beautiful to see all the artwork and there was also a Pokemon pop-up on at the time that my partner thoroughly enjoyed as he is a big kid! It's worth visiting as a group as it's very beautiful, you can opt into getting an audio tour also which I thought is great! After Van Gogh, we headed to Flos Deli as we couldn’t go there again. After that , we just had a wander around the city as we had to fly home later on that day. Before catching our flight home, we went to the food hall for a quick bite to eat, there were so many food options there at a reasonable price!

Van Gough Museum in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Itinerary FAQ -

Any hidden gems, or local delicacies you came across?  

Flos Deli!!!! Amazing bagels at a great price

het koekemannetje – Fresh cookies made daily, various flavors, 2 euros a cookie, much better than vansteple 😉

What makes this a great destination for groups?

With the history, culture and extensive list of things to do and places to visit, 4 days wasn’t enough!!


If there are any hostels/hotels we often use in the destination, mention them here.

A&O Amsterdam Zuidoost

Generator Amsterdam

Meininger Hotel Amsterdam Amstel

Meininger Hotel Amsterdam City West

Stayokay Hostel Amsterdam Oost

Stayokay Hostel Amsterdam Vondelpark

St Christophers Inn the Winston Hostel

- Kadie Edwards


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