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Planning a trip abroad for college students is an ideal way of engaging your pupils because it offers a more practical way of learning. Not only will your students share in the joys of travelling independently with their friends/fellow students, but they will also have a chance to encounter familiar subjects from a totally unique perspective. 

Learning through the lens of travel will open a student’s eyes to unique and different ways of thinking. They will also have the opportunity to discover familiar subjects outside the classroom, enhancing their knowledge and problem-solving skills.

College students are a great age to travel with because they have an actual curiosity and interest in the subject they are learning. Perhaps they have chosen the course because they are considering a career in the field they are studying. This willingness to learn makes for a much more productive trip because it’s easier to keep them interested and wanting to discover more.

No matter what college subject you teach, we assure you that there are many benefits and valuable learning opportunities that come with taking a trip abroad.

Here are 5 reasons why you should book a college trip abroad today: 

  • The gift of experiential learning

When you travel abroad for a college trip, students are exposed to learning in a completely new environment, this is a fantastic way to broaden their skillset, their horizons and get a more unique perspective on the subject they are learning about.  Picture this…studying in the same location in the same room day in and day out; it’s bound to be a little repetitive, mundane and uninspiring. Less engaging environments can cause students to lose interest and develop a lack of concentration. By studying abroad on a college trip, pupils get a chance to investigate, experiment, and experience new things. Learning in fresh surroundings is sure to lead to an influx of motivation. 

  • College trips abroad boost Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital is based on the accumulation of knowledge, behaviours, and skills that a student can draw upon demonstrating their level of cultural awareness. This measure of learning highlights the ability and competence of each student when placed in unique and unfamiliar learning situations.  Cultural capital is one of the key skills a student will rely upon to succeed in society, relationships, and professions as they head into adulthood.

  • Travelling to marvellous places

College trips abroad offer the chance to visit some incredible places that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to see. From iconic cities to natural wonders, there are plenty of amazing destinations to choose from. We would love to talk more about the locations and trips we offer, remember to check out our trip pages if you need any more inspiration, and get in touch to discover how we can help you.

  • Enhances social skills

  Let’s face it; college is a lot of work. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a social and enjoyable experience. A college trip abroad is the perfect chance for students to let loose and have fun. They will meet new friends while discovering hidden passions and talents.  

  • Encourages collaborative learning

When college students travel and learn as a group, it can be an incredibly enriching experience because they get to work and explore as part of a team. They must learn to communicate clearly and work together to reach a conclusion. They will learn about different cultures and customs, but they’ll also gain invaluable life experience, and who knows? They might even be able to speak a new language too!

New Experiences, moments to cherish

The college trip abroad will be over before you know it, so encourage students to try something new, step outside their comfort zone, and have moments to cherish forever. Some of the most special memories will be made when studying abroad; just make sure you remind them to pack a camera so they can capture them.

We’re ready to help plan your college study trip abroad

Are your pupils ready for a trip of a lifetime? If so, start planning a college trip abroad today and remember, we can help! We can arrange a trip that dreams are made of at the location of your choice. Our experts in educational travel abroad are on hand to work with you in making the process as magical and seamless as possible.

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