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How did you fill your days? –

I spent my time surfing in Agadir, shopping in the souks of Marrakesh, camel riding and camping under the stars in the Sahara Desert, visiting the tannery and cooking authentic tagine in Fes, and wandering the blue streets and nearby waterfalls of Chefchauoen.

Morocco: My favourite destination - image 1

Any hidden gems, local delicacies you came across? –

I loved the city of Chefchauoen, which only started becoming popular with tourists in 2016. There are also many local waterfalls in the Rif mountains a short drive away.
Tagine is the common delicacy all over Morocco and I learnt the correct way to cook and eat it (by scooping the contents up with bread making sure to include the charred edge of the tagine for added flavour!). I also tried Trid which is a meat dish with filo pastry – a foodies paradise!

Morocco: My favourite destination - image 2

What makes this a great destination for groups? –

This is great for groups due to the Moroccans sharing nature – it is traditional to gather around the tagine and eat from the same plate. There are also many group tours on offer such as dune boarding, horse/camel riding and cooking classes.

Morocco: My favourite destination - image 3

DST hotel recommendation

I stayed in riads and AirBnbs mostly, but would highly recommend Social Club Medina hostel in Fes.

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