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I’ve been to Disneyland Paris 9 times, in many different ways. A couple of times as a kid with school, as a Thomas Cook team member, as a travel agent, as a mum and even trip leader. I’ve worked with hundreds of guests as their Fairy Godmother and official Disney Gold Travel Expert organising their itineraries to Disney.

There are so many ways to do a student trip to Disneyland Paris. For this blog I’ve outlined the two main ways we add it to an itinerary at Diversity Travel. If you’re planning a modern languages study trip or a history study trip to France and you want to include Disneyland Paris on the itinerary, there is a lot to think about that’s why I’ve pulled together these one-day tips.

One day at Disneyland Paris on a longer trip to France

Disneyland Paris is a must-visit for a lot of school and college groups when they’re making a study trip to France. But is it worth it? Can you “do” Disneyland Paris in one day? Yes. It can be done, with good planning, that’s why we’ve pulled together these one-day tips for Disneyland Paris for your student group trip.

  1. Choose one Park.
    Disneyland Paris has come a long way in the last 5 years. There are many attractions available in both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. That means doing both Parks justice in one day is now not possible. So choose your favourite and stick with it for the whole day.
    Disneyland Park is the bigger park. with more character opportunities, shopping, parades, and of course the iconic Sleeping Beauty castle. For thrill-seekers in the group, you have Hyperspace Mountain, Indiana Jones, and Thunder Mountain. There are better food options and more Disney experiences like The Lion King live show to choose from.
    Walt Disney Studios Park is often quieter and with the recent addition of the Avenger’s Campus, there are some HUGE thrill-seeking rides to enjoy. I loved the Spider-Man W.E.B Adventure and Avengers Assemble: Flight Force. Studios is also home to the World of Pixar, so you have fantastic Toy Story-themed rides, as well as Cars and one of my ultimate must-rides, Crush’s Coaster themed on Finding Nemo. Not to mention the famous Ratatouille ride which is a guest favourite and always has a long line.

  2. Use the single-rider queues.
    Single rider lanes are designed for those on their own who don’t mind joining a group of 3 in a 4-person cart etc. They’re a brilliant way to get to the front of the queues if you’re not precious about sitting with friends. And if there’s a mixed group of you it works brilliantly. The pro of using the single rider line is that you will likely get on the ride faster, plain and simple. It’s a great way to get on and off quickly and get on with your day at the park.

  3. Download the app.
    The app is your map of the park, but it also shows you wait times as well as upcoming shows and character meet-and-greets. It’s a bible. So make sure your phone is full of battery and the app pre-downloaded before leaving the UK. Through the app you can connect your tickets too and book shows, as well as dining before you arrive.

  4. Don’t skip the parade.
    Parades are a huge part of the magic at Disneyland Paris and if you’re not staying for the fireworks, they’re a must-see. But if you’re strategic with your viewing location you can watch the parade and still benefit from the shorter queues elsewhere in the park. Watch from the very start of the parade (gates near the It’s a Small World ride), once the parade has passed you can bolt it around the back of the park to Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Thunder Mountain before the parade finishes and the crowds head back to the attractions.

Want to discuss adding a day at Disneyland Paris to your France study trip? Feel free to contact our friendly and experienced team on [email protected] to discuss options for your upcoming trips.

Student group trips to Disneyland Paris – Residential Trips

A student trip to Disneyland Paris offers a multitude of benefits, making it an ideal destination for various educational purposes. As future event organisers, events and marketing students can gain valuable insights into the world of event management by studying Disney’s impeccable organization and attention to detail. Disneyland Paris is renowned for its exceptional event planning and execution, providing students with a real-life case study on successful event management.

For travel and tourism students, Disneyland Paris serves as a premier example of a large attraction. It showcases best-in-class practices in the industry, offering students a comprehensive understanding of how to create a memorable and world-class visitor experience. By examining the park’s innovative approaches to customer service, entertainment, and marketing, students can gain practical knowledge applicable to their future careers.

We also love the location of Disneyland Paris advantageous for student trips to France. Just a 45-minute direct RER train ride from Paris, it allows students to explore both the enchanting theme park and the vibrant city. This proximity provides an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in French culture, visit renowned landmarks, and experience the art, history, and culinary delights of Paris.

For a performing arts student trip, Disneyland Paris offers a unique platform to witness exceptional live performances. The park’s parades, stage shows, and musical extravaganzas provide valuable insights into the world of entertainment production. Students can observe the intricate choreography, technical aspects, and creative direction, enriching their understanding of the performing arts industry.

Lastly, students studying the languages can greatly benefit from a French study trip to Disneyland Paris. They’ll have the opportunity to practice their language skills in an immersive environment. Interacting with native speakers, reading signs and instructions in French, and participating in language-focused activities within the park contribute to their linguistic development.

Staying at the Disneyland Paris resort offers students a bunch of awesome perks. First off, the accommodations have value for money, with options to fit different budgets. Plus, breakfast options are right there on-site, so students can fuel up before diving into all the fun. And speaking of fun, being on the resort means they’re super close to all the cool attractions, saving time and energy. Students get to fully soak up the magical atmosphere, enjoy extra park hours, and even score exclusive events and character experiences. It’s like living in a Disney dreamland! So, staying on the resort is not just convenient, but it also adds that extra sprinkle of magic to a student trip to Disneyland Paris.

Overall, a student trip to Disneyland Paris offers a wide range of benefits as well as being a lot of fun! From learning about event organisation to exploring the travel and tourism industry, experiencing French culture, witnessing live performances, and practicing the French language, students can gain invaluable knowledge and enrich their educational journey.

Want to discuss a Disneyland Paris residential study trip? Feel free to contact our friendly and experienced team on [email protected] to discuss itineraries and prices.

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