Spotlight: Houston Space Centre

November 15, 2023 - Joanna Ellis, Study Trips Expert, Former Teacher

When in Houston, Texas, a must-visit is the Space Centre. It’s only a 30-minute drive from downtown and is accessible by the public Metro Bus. This world-renowned hub for NASA is both a training site for astronauts and a centre for space exploration. Incredibly, visitors can explore the space centre’s history and take guided tours to see the facilities up close- sometimes even meeting real-life astronauts!


I had never considered myself a space enthusiast before visiting the Space Centre, however on leaving the impressive and expansive space site, my mind was filled with a new curiosity, one which I took back to the classroom and to my Year 1 students who were learning about Neil Armstrong.

The Space-Center and Johnson Space Center are perfect venues for a STEM trip. Through research, innovation and exploration, the thousands of scientists, engineers, and astronauts working at these centres, are dedicated to advancing human spaceflight. It is an incredible environment to inspire young students and to show them that dreams, and human ingenuity, really can take flight- literally! The Nasa 905 aircraft is mostly an educational centre with a section devoted to STEM aerospace career options, ranging from astronauts, biomedical researchers, robotic engineers, to spacesuit designers and many more. Try out a computer programme to match your interests to careers in the field. It will certainly be a trip of a lifetime and one that may change the course of your life forever!


- Joanna Ellis, Study Trips Expert, Former Teacher


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