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Ancient Rome for students provides so many fascinating opportunities to learn more about the largest empire in history! The capital of Italy is a truly amazing place to take your students, not just because of the educational benefits but also for the fun experience they’ll have on a school trip.

At Diversity Study Trips, we offer trips to Rome, where we can arrange visits to world-famous Roman Empire landmarks every day. So, here are our top ancient attractions for students in Rome.

The Colosseum 

What better place to start than the Colosseum? If you head there any day or time of the week, you’ll see hundreds of tourists gazing at the momentous amphitheatre. In fact, it’s still the biggest one in the world, even though it was built around 72 AD! We think that’s worth a visit.

This is definitely a priority on our list when it comes to top ancient attractions for students in Rome.

Palatine Hill

Widely considered the birthplace of Rome, it’s a location where the higher classes of the Roman Empire would settle in their lavish palaces. Your students will still be able to see the remains of the palaces here and learn more about who was able to live on Palatine Hill. It’s a fantastic place for them to learn more about life under the Roman Empire. 

National Roman Museum 

If you want to show your students some ancient relics and sculptures and help them learn more about the history of ancient Rome, then this is the place. It has several archaeological museums dotted around the city, covering different topics. So, take your pick.

This attraction makes for an ideal visit, whether with history students or young artists. It can help inspire students’ artwork and develop their understanding of ancient art.

Gladiator Museum

This will get your students interested for sure! The Gladiator Museum displays armour, weapons and other items used by Roman Gladiators dating back to BC. 

Students can delve into the world of these ferocious warriors and see how they spent their lives. Do any of your students love learning about the Gladiators in class? Well, this museum could be just for them!

Vatican Museums

The spectacular Vatican Museums are another excursion ideal for your art students. With a collection of the most well-known ancient Roman sculptures and Renaissance masterpieces, why not take your aspiring artists to view the Vatican Museums?

Immerse your students in Ancient Rome today!

We know what it takes to organise a fun and interesting school trip to Rome. This is why we are ready and waiting to help you plan a perfect one for your students.

At Diversity Study Trips, we can help make sure you have an entertaining itinerary to keep everyone busy for the whole trip. Just let us know which ancient landmarks you want to visit with your students, and then we’ll do the rest.

Don’t forget; we can also help you plan an educational school, college or university trip abroad for various subjects!

Ready to get involved? Contact our friendly team today, who are there to ensure you have everything you need.

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