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Diversity Study Trips is your trusted partner in providing educational travel experiences that combine academic learning with cultural immersion. With our expert team and commitment to seamless trip management, we make it easy for educators to offer their students life-changing educational trips. Join us on our LGBTQ+ itinerary to New York City, one of the most vibrant and inclusive cities in the world, during Pride Month. This unique itinerary allows students to explore the rich history, cultural diversity, and impactful LGBTQ+ landmarks of the city. Discover why using Diversity Study Trips is the perfect choice for educational travel to New York.

Immersive Cultural Experiences:

Our LGBTQ+ itinerary to New York City offers students the opportunity to engage with the rich cultural fabric of the LGBTQ+ community. From a comprehensive Pride Walking Tour that narrates the history of the Stonewall Uprising and the rise of the modern LGBTQ+ Pride Movement, to visits to iconic LGBTQ+ landmarks such as the Stonewall Inn and the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, students will gain a deeper understanding of LGBTQ+ history and culture.

Engaging Academic Institutions:

New York City is home to renowned academic institutions and museums. As part of our LGBTQ+ itinerary, students will have the chance to engage with these institutions and expand their knowledge. From workshops and discussions with local activists and scholars to visits to museums like the Whitney Museum of American Art, students will have intellectually stimulating experiences that foster critical thinking and academic exploration.

Customised Itineraries to Meet Learning Objectives:

At Diversity Study Trips, we understand the importance of tailoring educational trips to meet specific learning objectives. Our LGBTQ+ study trip to New York City can be customised to align with the educational goals of your institution. We work closely with trip leaders to design experiences that complement curriculum requirements, ensuring that students gain relevant and meaningful knowledge during their trip.

Seamless Trip Management:

Planning and managing a successful study trip can be time-consuming and overwhelming for educators. With Diversity Study Trips, trip management becomes effortless. Our innovative technology and user-friendly online platform simplify the process, allowing trip leaders to manage trip details, communicate with participants and parents, and access important documents with ease. We take care of the logistics, providing a seamless experience for educators and students alike.

Safety and Risk Management:

The safety and well-being of students are our top priorities. We implement comprehensive risk management protocols and provide 24/7 emergency assistance to ensure a safe and secure trip. With our expertise and attention to detail, educators can have peace of mind knowing that their students are in capable hands throughout the journey.

Diversity Study Trips offers a unique and inclusive educational travel experience to New York City, with a specific focus on LGBTQ+ history and culture during Pride Month. With our immersive cultural experiences, engaging academic institutions, customised itineraries, seamless trip management, and commitment to safety, we provide educators with the tools to create unforgettable learning opportunities for their students. Join us on this transformative journey to New York City, where students will gain a deeper understanding of LGBTQ+ history, culture, and advocacy, and return home with broadened horizons, empathy, and a commitment to inclusivity.

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