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What makes a fantastic school history trip to Berlin? Well, the answer to that can’t just be given in a couple of sentences because there are too many reasons! 

With a wealth of historical landmarks dotted around the city and in all of your student’s textbooks, a school history trip to Berlin is ideal if your class is studying the World Wars or even the Cold War. So let’s dive into what makes this captivating city so fantastic!

School history trip to Berlin locations

The Berlin Wall

Where do we start? Possibly the most iconic historical landmark in Germany. It’s a towering wall separating the east and west of Berlin that caused so much disruption and upset for Berliners during the tough times of the wars. 

With plenty of memorials and information around places where the wall still stands, your students can learn some personal stories from Berlin locals. 

The Reichstag

Looking to give your students a better understanding of Hitler’s rise to power? Then an excursion to the Reichstag will certainly develop their knowledge. 

The historical government building houses the Bundestag, the lower houses of Germany’s parliament. Your students won’t only be impressed by the amount of learning they’ll gain here but also by the modern dome roof, where people can walk around the spiralling stairs and get a glimpse of Berlin from the heights and angles people dream of. 

Brandenburg Gate

This is a must-visit when on a school history trip to Berlin. It’s a magnificent monument symbolising the old divide of Berlin. But since the fall of the Berlin wall, it also represents the reunification of the city. It’s another feature of Berlin that can be seen in all history textbooks.

Checkpoint Charlie Museum

There’s a theme of separation surrounding Berlin and all the historical landmarks because of the rough times this city has experienced. And Checkpoint Charlie is perhaps the pinnacle of this. It’s the best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War, where friends and family were separated.

The Museum provides students with insight into personal stories of the divide of Berlin, who was and wasn’t allowed to pass through the crossing points freely.

Jewish Memorial

Taking your students to the Jewish Memorial can be a moment of realisation for some. A memorial for the murdered Jews of the Holocaust, it’s a humbling experience that helps students understand why it’s important to learn about these atrocities.

Designed by architects Peter Eisenman and Buro Happold, the 2711 rectangular concrete blocks make for a powerful remembrance display.

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Sachsenhausen was a camp that mainly held political prisoners of war. The remains of the concentration camp still tell the harrowing experiences of some prisoners. 

With guided tours and plenty of information explaining the camp, your students can learn more about Nazi Germany, why prisoners were sent here, and what people went through as they were captured. 

Where will your class be heading?

We know what it takes to organise a riveting and educational school history trip to Berlin. This is why we are ready and waiting to help you plan a perfect one for your students.

At Diversity Study Trips, we can help make sure you have an entertaining itinerary to keep everyone busy for the whole trip. Just let us know where you want to visit with your students, and then we’ll do the rest.

Don’t forget; we can also help you plan an educational school, college or university trip abroad for various subjects!

Ready to get involved? Contact our friendly team today, who are there to ensure you have everything you need.

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