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There are many benefits of school trips abroad; some of the greatest are enhancing students’ confidence, improving problem-solving skills and team building. A trip away with your class can provide them with many new experiences and vast learning opportunities.

At Diversity Study Trips, we offer a wide range of educational school trips abroad which are great fun for students while also developing many core learning and social skills. We want to share how school trips can further improve confidence, among many other skills.

Challenge students’ comfort zones

Educational school trips abroad are great for exposing students to new environments and cultures. They can help build students’ confidence as they encourage them to step out of their comfort zone with the support of classmates and teachers. Students are far more likely to approach new things as part of a group and when they feel supported, as it gives them more encouragement and assurance.

With DST, your students can take a dancing class with locals on a school trip to Barcelona or participate in a pizza-making and ice-cream-tasting session on a study trip to Rome. These fantastic activities allow students to push their boundaries whilst having fun and making new friends. 

Tasks & activities

We know it’s important that students enjoy learning, which is why the vast amount of activities they can partake in on educational school trips abroad offers the chance for students to expand their knowledge in core subject areas while having fun. 

From visits to museums like the Louvre on a school trip to Paris to experiencing the phenomenon of the Northern Lights (Aurora borealis) on a student trip to Iceland, students can also apply their learning to worksheet challenges and tasks when on a tour or in a museum. 

The range of immersive and interactive activities at learning centres and museums worldwide allows students to collaborate in team building and problem-solving exercises.

Group work

Students will mostly be together or divided into separate groups throughout all school trips. Whether exploring a museum or taking a tour, your students will always be working within their groups. 

While this is great for team building, it can also benefit some students by giving them the confidence to participate in activities and contribute to discussions as they feel comfortable and connected with their group.

Many of the activities students can enjoy on a trip with us feature lots of group work so they can learn with their best friends. 

Create friendships

Educational school trips abroad provide an opportunity for students to connect with each other away from the classroom. The new friendships and relationships made on school trips improve the confidence of many students. Knowing that they have peers that will support them can give students lots of confidence. 

This will support them while away on the trip and when they are back in the classroom and feeling more comfortable with their classmates. 

Link to prior learning

Students can link their previous learning to topics explored on their school trip and use this during problem-solving activities. This could be when students complete a worksheet that requires past learning to get the correct answer or when they are playing a game in an interactive exhibition. 

All of our school trips are designed to cover a range of topics, but if there’s anything else you’d like to include, we can tailor your trip to fit your educational needs.

Book your educational school trip today

At Diversity Study Trips, we offer an extensive range of educational school trips abroad with fun and exciting itineraries! Our trips cover many subjects, and our experienced team can help customise an ideal trip for your students.

The benefits of school trips abroad are endless. So, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you plan the best school trip for your school students.

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