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Captivating school trips covering an array of subjects

Our range of school trips encompasses a selection of exciting UK and overseas destinations. Whether you want to sample Berlin’s famed street art or take students to visit Tokyo’s bustling business centres, we’ve got an itinerary for you!

We provide subject-linked trips designed to educate and enthral primary and secondary school students. These trips will also deepen their understanding of many topics on the UK curriculum. Our range includes history, art, STEM and geography school trips, as well as music, language school trips and more.

The benefits of school trips

In addition to educating students on specific subjects, our school trips promote interaction and team-building skills. School trips can help to generate excitement for school, improve pupils’ relationships with staff and expand their social circles. With school trips, students also develop new interests and acquire valuable skills that will serve them well into adulthood, such as effective communication and leadership.

When you opt for one of our educational school trips, you’ll also be able to take advantage of our teams’ extensive travel expertise. We’ll work closely with you to plan excursions that will deepen your class’s understanding of curriculum material. This includes a selection of immersive workshops, tours, tests and independent learning activities.

Plan an exhilarating overseas school trip

Take your students on an international adventure with Diversity Study Trips. Overseas school trips provide plenty of opportunities for learning and personal development.

When you book a school trip to Germany, students can explore the country’s street art and culture and visit major historical sites, such as the Berlin Wall. Alternatively, you could opt for a school trip to Paris to help students develop their French language skills.

If you’re looking to travel further afield, we also offer school trips to Japan and New York.

Opt for one of our activity-packed UK school trips

We provide a range of UK school trips to major cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and more.

When you choose one of our school trips to London, we’ll take students beyond the city’s well-known attractions. For example, your students could take part in a Jack the Ripper Tour, visit the Police Museum or tour the Museum of Brands.

We can also plan exciting school trips to Liverpool, where they can discover the city’s rich history and its link with the Beatles. Students can also take a tour of museums like the Tate and International Slavery Museum, or even enjoy a show at The Grand Theatre.

Why book with Diversity Study Trips?

We pride ourselves on our commitment to student satisfaction. Whether you’re organising a trip for secondary or primary school students, in the UK or abroad, we’re here to help!

Take advantage of our teams’ in-depth travel knowledge and excellent customer service by booking your next school trip with us. Get in touch with Diversity Study Trips today!

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