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Sixth Form Trips to New York

New York, the city that never sleeps, the big apple that offers delicious opportunities for anyone lucky enough to visit. Sixth form trips to New York offer an outstanding educational trip covering all kinds of subjects.

This mind-blowing metropolis is bound to capture the attention of your students with its history and culture found on every block. Its limitless landmarks hold a wealth of knowledge to be shared with your students, from the Empire State Building to the iconic Statue of Liberty.

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New York, New York!

On a sixth form trip to New York, your students will enhance not only their subject knowledge but also their personal development skills. Students can solidify their learning through trips like these, experiencing study areas first-hand in real-world situations. Personal growth goes hand in hand with student’s academic development, and a sixth form trip to New York can provide the following benefits:

  • Expansion of their cultural capital

  • Enhanced communication skills

  • Interactive learning opportunities

  • Team building activities

  • Building confidence

  • Strengthen independence

  • Improved critical thinking skills

Through collaborative exercises and activities, your students will get a chance to develop these skills while covering numerous curriculum-linked study topics. New York really is the perfect sixth form school trip location. One that will wow your students and engage them in any subject they are studying. Why not steer away from the classroom and head on a sixth form trip to New York?

Popular Expeditions For Sixth Form Trips To New York

There’s a lot to experience on a sixth form trip to New York, both as a teacher and a student. No matter what students are studying, they’ll find learning and inspiration throughout their trip. Here are some of the most popular expeditions for sixth form trips in New York:

  • Central Park

  • Ellis Island Museum

  • Times Square

  • American Museum of Natural History

  • Guggenheim Museum

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • The New York Stock Exchange

  • Ice Skating

The historically rich megacity

New York is a concrete jungle filled with history, it’s a place where dreams are made and home to the United Nations Visitor Centre. New York also appeals to those students destined for a career in politics or finance.

With museums on every corner, whether you’d like to share the eye-opening history of immigration in New York at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum or delve into the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and ’60s on the Harlem Civil Rights walking tour, there’s sure to be an educational centre or tour right on your doorstep. Learn more about our history trips to New York.

Business is booming in New York

Renowned for its booming economy, New York is built on business and bankers with one of the largest economies in the world. What better buzz for an aspiring economist than to wander down Wall Street and explore the Financial District?

Obviously, a sixth form trip to New York would warrant a visit to the magnificent Empire State Building! The 102-story building is occupied by some of the world’s largest companies and businesses. Will your students see themselves working there one day? It’s trips like these that inspire students and help them to think about their own future. Learn more about our business studies trips to New York.

Design the perfect Art trip

From galleries to museums to Broadway and more! We could go on and on. This one-of-a-kind city attracts the most amazingly talented people. The spectacular street art on show offers an alternative to the masterpieces housed in the museums and contemporary galleries.

The glorious Central Park is an opportunistic place for any young photographers to marvel and catch a glimpse of the everchanging greenery surrounded by booming skyscrapers. Or, head on a boat cruise around Liberty Island and grab your students a sketchbook because the New York skyline is a wonder to behold — get ready to be amazed! Learn more about our art and design trips to New York

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