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KS2 London school trips offer so much to your students! Are you looking to engage your students in Science, Religious Education, Music, Art & Design, or History? Well, we assure you, London has it all.

So, what better way to get started than to share our best London school trips for KS2 students that we know you’ll love?

Bring history into the present

Studying history with your students? London has a rich history relevant to many topics, whether the World Wars or the British Monarchy. On London KS2 school trips, your students can view the vast historical landmarks they have been learning about in person.

With Diversity Study Trips, your students can explore the Churchill War Rooms, where the ex-prime minister devised his WWII strategies underground. Combine this with a visit to the award-winning Churchill Museum, and you’ve got yourself the perfect intriguing and educational morning!

Celebrate the art of London

Why not celebrate the art of London on an Art school trip? London has an expansive range of art museums, galleries and exhibitions with world-famous pieces housed. With artwork from Leonardo da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli and many more talented artists, your students can learn more about their lives and masterpieces.

We can organise an itinerary for your class that includes visits to the National Gallary, Tate Modern, and even Shoreditch, where you’ll head off on a walking tour to search for some of Banksy’s illustrations. Perhaps opening your students’ artistic scope to contemporary art can inspire their own craftwork.

Dive into Science

Animals, cells, space — whatever your class studies, it’s all in London. With one of the country’s most interactive science museums and the many discovery centres, your students can learn through engaging games and challenges.

And we’ve got the perfect adventure for your students with a trip to the Sea Life Centre! Here everyone can explore creatures of the ocean, from sharks to octopuses. Even better, your students won’t even know they’ll be learning! They will learn lots about these fascinating fish and molluscs and won’t want to leave! Time flies when you’re having fun.

Religion in London

London is a melting pot of cultures and already expresses this diversity in everything the city does. So what better place to head to so your students can experience the wealth of nationalities and cultures that London has adopted?

London KS2 school trips with Diversity Study Trips take your students to St Paul’s Cathedral, where they can look inside on a walk through this magnificent building. And they can walk in the same footsteps of multiple royals and political leaders as they enter the cathedral.

We haven’t forgotten!

Just because it’s a subject school trip, it doesn’t mean your class can’t experience the other fun and famous landmarks of the capital. We also make time in your itineraries for excursions to the London Eye, the West End and more!

London, here we come!

We know what it takes to organise a fantastic educational trip. We are ready and waiting to help you plan a spectacular KS2 school trip to London for your students.

At Diversity Study Trips, we can help ensure you have an entertaining itinerary to keep everyone busy for the whole trip. Just let us know your ideas, thoughts and places you want to visit, and then we’ll do the rest.

Ready to get involved? Contact our friendly team today, who are there to ensure you have everything you need.

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