The top 5 overseas field trips for business students

October 22, 2021 -

Business studies trips provide students with inspiration for their future careers and give them all of the tools necessary to be successful in today’s global business environment. There are a whole host of workshops, tours and talks that you can take part in when you visit global business hubs like Wall Street, the London Stock Exchange and La Défense. These will help business studies students gain a deeper understanding of how different economies work, learn about some of the world’s biggest businesses and put their existing knowledge into practice.

The UK is home to one of the most powerful financial centres in the world, London. But sometimes, it’s more exciting to venture overseas and see what other countries have to offer! We’ve put together this handy list of the top 5 overseas field trips for business students. We hope it gives you inspiration for your next educational trip.

1. Tokyo

Home to some of the world’s most innovative and unique businesses, Tokyo is one field trip that business students won’t want to miss. The city is a popular destination for companies looking to expand their market share in Asia, so there are always plenty of top-class events taking place here. This includes everything from international business conferences to the Olympic Games!

When planning a Tokyo field trip for business students, make sure to include visits to the following exciting locations:

2. New York

New York is a popular choice for business studies field trips and it’s easy to see why! This city birthed some of the biggest financial institutions in the world, like Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase & Co. It’s also where you’ll find America’s financial capital, Wall Street, which has been used as a backdrop for famous films such as The Wolf of Wall Street! Taking a trip to this bustling business metropolis will show students how New York’s financial district operates.

If you’re considering booking a business studies trip to New York, you’ll need to include a visit to the New York Stock Exchange on your itinerary. Here, your business studies class will get to experience what being a stockbroker in New York is like first-hand.

Alternatively, you can also take a trip to the New York Federal Reserve Bank Museum, The Empire State Building, Times Square and a whole host of inspiring business centres.

3. Paris

A business studies trip to Paris will provide students with all of the knowledge they need to excel in the classroom on their return. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding educational attractions to visit in this city!

Sample sights unlike any other in Paris. The city is home to Le Musée du Parfum (The Perfume Museum), which offers an insight into perfumery, how it’s made and its global economic impact. Students will also get the chance to learn about world-famous fashion brands like Chanel, Dior and Guerlain through a selection of talks and city tours.

Some additional locations to consider include:

4. Brussels

If you’re looking for field trips for business students that offer an international perspective, Brussels is the place to visit! The city has become a major European business and economic hub thanks to its role in setting up key organisations, such as the European Union.

During your trip here, make sure to visit some of these immersive attractions:

5. Lisbon

Lisbon is a city that’s guaranteed to inspire and educate all business studies students. It has become one of Portugal’s biggest economic hubs due to its thriving tourism and service sectors, as well as its flourishing start-up scene!

When planning a Lisbon field trip for business students, make sure to include visits to locations such as Lisbon’s Stock Exchange (Euronext), the Money Museum and Estádio Sport Lisboa e Benfica. These unique tours will help students improve their understanding of the Portuguese economy, tourism and major businesses in an alternative way.

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