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Why book a school trip to Brussels?

Belgium’s capital city, Brussels, has a lot to offer school groups of all ages. Not only is Brussels an important seat of European power, but it also holds fascinating insights into Belgium’s past and present.

Our school trips to Brussels can be tailored to suit your group’s needs and timetable, offering the chance for students to learn about fascinating topics including:

Belgian art and architecture, by walking the streets of this picturesque city

  • The European Union, by listening to an expert talk

  • Space exploration, by taking a trip to the Euro Space Center

  • Car engineering, by visiting Autoworld Brussels

Whether you’re teaching primary or secondary school students, you’ll find plenty of cultural landmarks to explore in this vibrant city.

Brussels school trips that are linked to your specific subject

We plan bespoke school trips that will meet your exact learning requirements. For example, if you are teaching students about sustainable power production in school, we can plan trips to the Euro Space Center so that your class has the chance to see how solar energy is harnessed. If you’re teaching modern history, you can learn more about the European Union at the European Parliament.

Our experts are passionate about educational travel and they make learning and development the core focus of all of the school trips they plan.

We provide school trips to Brussels for the following subjects...

Business and economics

We can plan an exciting trip to Brussels for your business and economics students. Take advantage of landmarks such as the Grand Place, the National Bank of Belgium Museum and the EU Commission Visitors’ Centre to educate your students on the origins of the Euro. You can also visit Autoworld Brussels or the Audi Factory to help students understand the country’s economic position today.

History and politics

Our Brussels school trips can be tailored to offer a deeper insight into Belgian history and politics. This is the perfect location to visit with secondary school students learning about the First and Second World Wars and the formation of the European Union.

We can plan visits to the Parlamentarium, Bruges, Cinquantenaire and more on a history and politics school trip to Brussels.


Our STEM school trips to Brussels are designed to be as engaging and immersive as possible, whilst increasing your class’s knowledge of core STEM topics. These include:

  • Space exploration

  • Energy production and management

  • Car manufacturing

  • Biology and ecology

Fortunately, there are a whole host of STEM-related attractions that you can explore with your students in this incredible city. This includes everything from The Planetarium to The Atomium.

Why work with us?

School trips are an incredibly important part of the educational experience for students. We’re here to make sure that your school trips are enriching and educational, whilst providing students with valuable skills that will help them to excel in later life.

Our expert school trip planners have created itineraries for school groups across the UK. When you work with us, you can take advantage of their extensive experience, in-depth travel knowledge and exclusive partnerships with educational institutions across the world!

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