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School trips are an effective and practical way to elevate classroom learning. This is especially helpful when it comes to students who find it harder to engage and connect with their subjects. Secondary School trips abroad also provide the perfect opportunity for your students to experience personal growth and expand on life skills they will use in life way beyond the classroom.

Learning through the lens of travel opens students’ eyes to a wealth of educational experiences in disguise. Learning can be found in the most wonderful and expected places. For example, how about discovering more about maths in the urban jungle of Tokyo; this once-in-a-lifetime location is sure to get students pumped about maths, engineering, science and more. Full of fantastic businesses and financial institutions, making it the perfect but most unique place to see the world of numbers and finances come to life.

The power of educational travel 

By nature, students are curious, and their main goal is to absorb and learn as much as possible, which can be tricky when learning is confined to the classroom alone. This is why getting out in nature and seeing new places will provide a refreshing approach to their education and help them connect deeper with their topics.

For example: If students are learning about atoms, it would be incredibly beneficial for them to visit a museum of science, where they can see models, demonstrations and videos on how the atoms interact with other particles and magnetic and electric fields. Seeing this in person in a hands-on environment will be far more exciting and effective than trying to absorb paragraphs of text alone, which can sometimes struggle to sink it. It also increases their understanding as they can see how things work instead of just hearing about it.

Seeing learning come to life

Reading is fun and a vital part of learning, but it can be significantly enhanced by what students see and experience for themselves. This is why English Literature, Drama and Performance Art students can hugely benefit from seeing the stories they read about come to life on stage.

And there is no more exciting place for stories to come to life than in a dazzling Broadway show. Treat students to an unforgettable art school trip to New York, where they can see magnetic shows of their favourite books played out on stage. Once they return to the classroom, they will be filled with memories that they can apply to their classroom learning and have lively discussions amongst themselves, enhancing their communication and social skills.

The perfect partner for classroom learning

With such fantastic scope for learning, it’s easy to see how educational school trips work in tandem with classroom learning. They allow you as their teacher to also enjoy refreshing ways to teach and see students in different scenarios, which can be enlightening.

Through educational travel, classroom learning can be much more fun, and any enriching experiences can be developed in the classroom. Nothing will ever replace the need for classroom learning, but with the aid of school trips, epic educational experiences and hands-on activities, students can enjoy a bright and varied education, which lends well to all kinds of learners and students.

Ready to elevate classroom learning to the max?

We can help at Diversity Study Trips, and we can help arrange engaging school trips jam-packed with fantastic educational experiences and thrilling itineraries designed to make the most of every moment. Get in touch to discover how to start your next academic journey with us today.

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