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College Trips to New York

If you want to inspire and delight your college students, then there is no better way than an unforgettable college trip to New York. Taking a bite out of the big apple enhances any educational experience!

New York is a city that oozes joy. Its rich history is as compelling as the city itself, a melting pot of lifestyles and cultures. Its unrivalled landscapes and iconic landmarks are guaranteed to capture the imagination of any student regardless of the subjects they are studying.

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Welcome to New York

When you book a college trip to New York, you give your students the chance to build on their classroom learning, giving a whole new perspective to important topics and moments in time. College trips to New York also echo the need for more responsibility, providing an ideal canvas to develop other core skills such as:

  • Team building/Collaborative skills

  • Initiative and entrepreneurialism

  • Cultural awareness

  • Language/Communicative skills

  • Personal independence

  • Critical thinking/Problem solving

College trips to New york allow students to approach their academic topics practically, embracing different cultures and meeting new people. Nothing will ever replace classroom learning, but that’s not to say it can’t be supported, and a college trip to New York can do just that, perhaps in more ways than you ever imagined.

Popular Expeditions for College Trips to New York

There’s a lot to experience on a college trip to New York, both as a teacher and a student. No matter what they’re studying they’ll find learning and inspiration throughout their trip. Here are some of the most popular expeditions for college trips in New York:

  • Central Park

  • Ellis Island Museum

  • Times Square

  • American Museum of Natural History

  • Guggenheim Museum

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • The New York Stock Exchange

  • Ice Skating

Unparalleled diversity and religious history

College trips to New York are the ideal location for religious studies students, it’s a fantastic fact that over 110 countries are proud to call New York “home”. Over 600 languages are spoken on their streets, making it one of the most diverse and progressive places on the planet. In this city, your students can meet people from all sorts of religious and ethnic backgrounds. Open their eyes to an array of histories, religions, lifestyles and cultures.

These experiences teach students some of the essential lessons in life, which is to be open, receptive and kind to the ideas and backgrounds and beliefs of others. It also shows students how religion has evolved and how multiple faiths can coexist and thrive when they are harmonious. Learn more about religious study trips to New York.

The epitome of entrepreneurialism

If they can make it there, they can make it anywhere! New York is not called the city of dreams for nothing, and on any given street, you can see businesses of all shapes and sizes. New York is the hub of business and has many places that a budding business student would love to visit.

Take your students on one of our college trips to New York to see to the buzzing Stock Exchange to see how the power of finance dictates how the world goes around. Students will experience the rise and fall of stocks and shares before their eyes and the impact the tiniest tip of the scale can make. Learn more about business studies trips to New York.

A natural choice for students in the arts

Any student who wants to broaden their knowledge in History, Art, Design, or the Performing Arts will be able to see their favourite subjects come to life in all areas of the city.

New York has more than 100 museums and impressive art galleries that contain over 100,000 artefacts and exhibitions. Not to mention Broadway, which will dazzle any student with their sights set on a career on the silver screen. Learn more about our art and design trips to New York.

The culinary capital of the world

New York is also the place for food lovers, with limitless types of cuisine to try; it also has an incredible amount of signature dishes that your students will be delighted to try:

  • Manhattan clam chowder

  • New York cheesecake

  • New York pizza

  • New York bagel

  • New York-style pastrami

  • New York’s version of Italian ice

With thousands of grocery stores, cafes, restaurants and delis on your doorstep, it will be easy to make your students’ taste buds sing whilst they chat about the exciting events of the day.

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When you book with us, you can also make the most of our:

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