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KS3 geography trips and KS2 geography field trips are fantastic ways to get your students out in the open to explore the natural wonders they are learning about in person. Whether towering waterfalls, icy glaciers, gigantic volcanoes or clear blue lagoons, these magnificent features will surely catch your students’ eye.

And you’ve got a choice of the whole world to explore! How amazing is that? So, we’ve come up with some of our favourite inspiring locations for KS2/KS3 students to visit on a school geography field trip. 

Inspiring Iceland

Let’s start with this captivating country, shall we? Iceland is a wonderful destination to travel to with your geography students if you want them to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Because here, they’ll see the glowing natural phenomenon that is the Northern Lights in all their glory. 

Or, why not take your students to witness the 100-foot water explosions at the Geysir Hot Spring Area? Yet another fantastic natural feature that makes Iceland so inspiring for your aspiring geographers! And that’s not all. With boiling and bubbling mud pits too, your students will be entertained for hours gazing at these hot springs.

On KS3 geography trips and KS2 geography field trips with Diversity Study Trips, we’ll prepare a relaxing bath in the Blue Lagoon to introduce you and your students to the fantastic natural capabilities of Iceland. So, why wait? View our geography trips to Iceland today.

Field trip to Edinburgh

Head to the hilly capital of Scotland (perfect for geography aficionados). With a range of historic rock formations, hills and castles, allow your students to adventure around this bustling city while exploring the likes of Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano offering panoramic views of Edinburgh. Ensure your geography students grab a photo of these scenes!

We can help boost your geography school trip to the next level by getting your class tickets to Dynamic Earth, a five-star attraction guiding you through the story of our earth, from the Big Bang to today. Interested? Take a look at our geography trips to Edinburgh.

Wonders of Tokyo

KS3 geography trips to Tokyo not only develop the subject knowledge of your students but also exposes them to new experiences and cultures. Tokyo has an array of national parks and museums for your students to delve into, where they’ll be sure to find some interesting facts about Japan and its geography. 

Want to show your students Mount Fuji? We can sort that out for you. No need to view from a distance; we’ll organise a tour of this magical active volcano so your geography students can learn about it up close!

Bay of Naples

On the coast of southwestern Italy lies this picturesque gulf. And, being a short distance from Pompeii, your students can truly immerse themselves in Roman history and learn more about the devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. 

On a geography trip to the Bay of Naples with Diversity Study Trips, students can venture to the Island of Capri, where they’ll be able to see three natural formations: The Blue Grotto, Faraglioni and Monte Solaro. These fascinating formations provide a brilliant photo opportunity with the clear ocean backdrop. They also open up class discussions on why they are there and how they formed.

Where will your class be heading?

We know what it takes to organise a knowledge-rich geography school trip. This is why we are ready and waiting to help you plan a spectacular KS2/KS3 geography field trip for your students.

At Diversity Study Trips, we can help make sure you have an entertaining itinerary to keep everyone busy for the whole trip. Just let us know your ideas, thoughts and places you want to visit, and then we’ll do the rest.

Don’t forget; we can also help you plan an educational school, college or university trip abroad for various subjects!

Ready to get involved? Contact our friendly team today, who are there to ensure you have everything you need.

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