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Help your pupils apply what they've learned in the classroom by booking an engineering college trip!

The benefits of engineering college trips

Engineering college trips provide the perfect opportunity for pupils to put theory into practice, as well as seeing how engineering works in the real world. Our team can organise visits to world-famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and CERN, giving you the chance to educate your class on exhilarating topics like:

By booking an engineering college trip, you can ensure that your pupils are getting the best out of their education, whilst having an amazing time doing it!

Engineering college trips to electrifying faraway destinations!

As a student, there’s no greater excitement than the prospects of a college trip, especially when it’s in a new and exciting destination!

We’ve got a wealth of UK and overseas engineering college trips for you to choose from. These are geared towards the learning requirements of college and sixth form students, so you can rest in the knowledge that your trip will be as educational as possible.


Take your class on a fascinating journey into the world of Dutch engineering by booking a college trip to Amsterdam. You’ll visit famous landmarks such as the Space Expo, NEMO Science Museum and the Amsterdam Canal, learning about the city’s engineering history along the way.


Berlin has a lot to offer engineering students. The city is home to the BMW plant, offering a unique insight into the world of car manufacturing. You can also show your class incredible sights such as the TV Tower, highlighting how engineering works in real life.


Geneva is home to the world-renowned CERN institution. Here, students can learn about the mysteries of the universe and the engineering feats that make such exploration possible. The home of the Large Hadron Collider, there’s no better place for engineering students to explore!


The UK capital is crammed full of towering structures, interactive science museums, that are perfect for college science trips and engineering marvels, making it the ideal destination for an engineering college trip. Show your class sights such as the London Eye, Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament and more!


Educate your class on sustainable engineering with a college trip to Iceland. This beautiful country is home to some of the most sustainable engineering projects in the world, from geothermal energy to hydropower. What better way to teach pupils about the future of engineering than by seeing it in action?


Brussels is the best city to visit for those looking to improve their class’ understanding of space exploration. Here, you’ll find world-famous research centres and museums, like the Euro Space Center, with plenty of exhibitions and activities to keep your class entertained.


Lisbon may not immediately spring to mind when it comes to engineering achievements, but the city is home to a whole host of unique science museums and constructions. Which are perfect for any student learning on any college science trips. From the immense Pavilhão de Conhecimento to the Santa Justa Lift, your class will be wowed by Lisbon’s engineering wonders!


Tokyo is a city that’s constantly evolving and Japan has been leading the way in the STEM field for decades. Your students will marvel at the engineering feats on display in Tokyo, from the latest in technological advancements to incredible traditional architecture.

Why book an engineering college trip with us?

We know what it takes to plan the perfect engineering college trip! Our experienced team will work with you to create a custom itinerary that is tailored to your college curriculum. From exploring world-renowned engineering colleges and universities to visiting famous landmarks and attractions, we’ll make sure your trip is unforgettable.

When you work with us, you can also benefit from our:

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