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Book an engineering school trip to help your students put their classroom learning into practice!

Why book an engineering school trip?

Engineering school trips offer a unique and exciting way for students to learn about complex engineering topics. Students will have the opportunity to see engineering in action and apply the concepts they’ve learned in the classroom to real-life scenarios.

There are countless learning opportunities for your class to take advantage of when they venture out into the real world. For example, you could book an engineering trip to Tokyo to show students the inner workings of global car manufacturers. Or, visit the United States to visit some of the country’s most iconic man-made landmarks.

No matter where you choose to go, your students will be able to see engineering in a whole new light and learn more about this fascinating field. Our educational travel experts will plan talks, tours and hands-on workshops to ensure your itinerary meets your exact learning requirements.

Enthralling engineering school trips to every corner of the globe

Show your class the world’s most technologically-advanced economies by booking an engineering school trip! We plan school trips to exhilarating destinations all over the world, such as Geneva, Iceland and Tokyo.

Whether you want to educate your students on space exploration in Geneva or teach them about sustainable engineering practices in Iceland, our engineering school trips will give your students a one of a kind learning experience.


Amsterdam is a popular destination for an engineering school trip for a variety of reasons. One of its many highlights is the NEMO science museum, whereby your students will be able to explore topics such as:


Berlin is a fascinating city that is home to many engineering marvels. Take a trip to the Deutsches Technikmuseum to see spectacular exhibits on topics such as aerospace, railway and car engineering.


Book an engineering school trip to Geneva to take a deep dive into the world of space exploration. Your students will get the chance to tour CERN, the world-famous scientific institution, learning about how science, engineering and technology interact!


You won’t find more breathtaking natural landscapes than those in the beautiful country of Iceland. Teach your students about renewable energy sources on one of our engineering school trips to this unique country.


Take your students on an engineering school trip to the UK’s capital city, London. Here, they will be able to visit world-famous landmarks such as Tower Bridge and Big Ben, as well as dedicated learning facilities such as the Look Out Discovery Centre.


Brussels is an excellent location to visit with engineering students. Why? There are countless educational facilities for you to choose from! These include:


Taking a trip to Lisbon gives you the chance to show your class some of the ways engineering can impact everyday life. For example, the Museu de Farmacia has exciting exhibitions on the history of pharmaceutical innovation.


Japan leads the way when it comes to technology and engineering achievements, making the country an excellent location to visit with your class! Book an engineering school trip to Tokyo and visit incredible landmarks such as:

Why book an engineering school trip with us?

Our team will work closely with you to ensure your itinerary covers all of the necessary curriculum material, whilst providing a fun and refreshing break from classroom learning!

We believe that engineering school trips should be both educational and enjoyable, offering your students a chance to explore new places and learn about engineering in a hands-on way. Whether you teach primary or secondary school students, our team has the expertise to craft an itinerary that meets your exact needs.

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